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1What kind of service is LG Special?
2How do I use Customization?
3What kind of service is Staff Picks?
4What is LG SmartWorld?
5How can I download the LG SmartWorld application?
6How can I check for updates for LG SmartWorld?
7Where can I find downloaded applications?
8Can I install purchased applications on another mobile device?
9Is there a re-download limit for the application?
10How do I update downloaded applications?
11Does downloading a purchased application incur a data charge?
12I cannot see the product I saw before.
13There is an error launching an application after it was installed on my mobile phone.
14I cannot find applications I purchased before in the Purchase history after I changed my mobile phone.
15What is an LG Account?
16Is email authentication necessary when signing up?
17The authentication email does not arrive after I sign up. What should I do?
18It says that my email address is already in use when checking for duplicate IDs.
19What happens to my membership information if I cancel my membership?
20Can I get refunds even after the cancellation of my membership?
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